Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scotty McCreery at Nutty Jerry's, Winnie, TX

You were spectacular tonight Wish I could again next week!


  1. Great pictures! Thanks to all who shared them and to Donna for posting them for us.

    1. I totally agree and that little girl was cute I know she's feelin it lol because I was when I met him twice thanks NC state fair and make a wish for that!

  2. Totally awesome pictures of Scotty!!! I was watching one of the videos FORGET TO FORGET YOU and he has it all. His voice is sooooooo good! Don't understand why he isn't ask to tour with some big country singer . I was watching CMT HOT 20 COUNTDOWN and they promote the heck out of HH every week (not saying anything against him, nice kid) but why ? Sorry but Scottys voice is so much better than the big country singers. I hope and pray he win this award coming up. ILYTB

  3. Vote at the SHOOTOUT !! Scotty's % going down. Help. text your friends!!!!!!!

  4. Were do we get the pics form the meet and greet after the show..

  5. Scotty needing votes on ShootOut on the Boot. Alan Jackson is about to catch Scotty. Voting ends tomorrow at noon ET.


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