Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pictures and Videos of Scotty McCreery's Ram Live Country Performance

Thank you Pauline for e-mailing the links to the videos and pictures to me! These are a little late in getting posted - I apologize for that, my life is a little crazy right now! - Donna

 Click on the link to see pictures courtesy of QDR

Credit to: Kelly Bailey                              
                                                  Credit to: Jason Edge


  1. Thank You so much Pauline these are so Good and Scotty just keeps getting better and better, I cannot Thank You enough. Love ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! We got to keep him winning though Dannielle is beating him right now on both of these 103.7 and 95ksjso everyone go VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!! ILYTB Scotty..................

  2. Oh and Donna GOD BLESS YOU for doing this for us all the time we McCreerians appreciate it so much. Your right up there with Scotty. Hey you have a Great Day because you deserve it!!!! :):):):)

  3. Yes THANK YOU donna and everyone who sends all the wonderful videos and pictures of our Scotty!!! And mamaG ,we don't have to worry about Dannielle , God will take care of our Scotty .He is one in a million !!!! Might have to go to to Ashland concert. Its not too far from me. Just went to Danville to see him and going on cruise in july. Just can't get enough of Scotty Mccreery. His concerts are AWESOME !!!! Him and his band work so hard. GREAT CONCERT !!!! A MUST SEE !!!

  4. Also Scotty is # 1 again on GAC and # 2 on 12 pack and 25 at mediabase.So Scotty is doing GOOD!

  5. Thank you for the kind words MamaG & Kentucky Girl

  6. Sharron gail TaylorNovember 24, 2013 at 4:36 AM

    love you


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