Saturday, October 26, 2013

Videos of Scotty McCreery's NC State Fair Concert 10/22/13 & CD Release Party

Credit to:Tanya West                      Scotty talking to QDR DJ at the CD Release Party                                  Credit to: Idolizer24 - This is from the concert on 10/21


  1. I just love watching the performance of Forget -to Forget you..Wow he really puts eveyrthing he has into that song.

  2. He really sounds awesome on "Blue Jean Baby"!! Oh, and "Forget to Forget You" is stunning, magnificent (I think he lost his place in the song near the bridge part, but performing these is new and he won't make that little mistake again, I am sure) but his voice on this song Oh My Goodness!!!! I am sure his label will want this song to be a single -- A HUGE HIT in my opinion!! Maybe even could be a Song of the Year or even nominated for a Grammy! I think just about anybody with a heart and soul would LOVE this song, maybe even a big crossover hit!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS I think I just died and went to Heaven this song Forget to Forget you OMG Scotty you have got a hit definitely with this song He sang this song with such emotion and sang it from the heart you are just One of the greatest Artist out there Scotty, honey you hang in there this whole Album is the BEST EVER. I agree ya'll this song could be song of the year he has got a lot of songs on this Album that could be singles. Hey wouldn't it be something that he got lots of singles from this. OMG just love it. ILYTB SCOTTY

  4. Enjoyed all the videos! Thanks for posting them Donna.
    What an album!! It is a winner!!
    Love you Scotty!!!

  5. I Enjoyed all the video's!!! I just love Scotty singing Blue Jean Baby cause he sound's awesome. Forget To Forget You is out standing performance. and love the ones from QDR CD release party. What an Album. It is a double winner.
    on one of the video's there is more videos of Scotty that you need to cause they are pretty good. this is one PARADE REWIND WITH Scotty & POP CRUSH INTERVIEW, HE DISHES ON COLLEGE & ON THE NEW ALBUM. AND HE SINGS ONE OF ELVIS'S SONG. and it is so fabulous.


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