Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scotty McCreery's visit to QDR this morning

Scotty McCreery wears his 94-7 and eats his Bojangles in the studio!

Guess what time it is?!?
Ashlynn of Coats is ready for


  1. That's awesome that they did that for him I bet he had fun thanks Donna!

  2. How sweet is that doing that for Scotty, looks like they are having a great time. He is just so down to earth just love these pics. Thanks Donna for putting these on here and off the subject a bit but does anyone know the best seats to get a North Caralina tour is sweetpotato floor, cotton floor ,soybean or poutry floor or there's some on side Floor 5 North I may be going just depends on if I can fine someone to keep my grand daughter. Please someone know the answer. Thanks guys donna I am Mama G on here and you gave Scotty a thing I wrote on here for Lighting of the candle he did for relay for life that you thought would mean a lot to him one time well its me I want to go so bad just trying to figure something out if I can so if anyone can answer my question I would greatly appreciate it.!!! Thanks!!!!

    1. This is the link you need:

    new week Scotty got #3 last week. Please post and vote. janfan

  4. How sweet and awesome was that they did that for Scotty. The cake was beautiful and especially the music notes & the mic on top. I have a pretty ideal that our Scotty had fun. those little guitar's are cute.


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