Friday, October 11, 2013

Scotty McCreery's Sophomore Album Gets 4.5 Stars from Roughstock

With his star status cemented by the Platinum-plus sales success of Clear As Day following the winning of American Idol's 10th season in 2011, the only thing that has eluded Scotty McCreery thus far is wide-ranging acceptance at Country radio. But with "See You Tonight" nearing the Top 30, it seems if that final barrier to Country music stardom may soon be approaching and if his sophomore album -- also titled See You Tonight -- proves anything, it's that he's certainly ready to be a big star as the songs on See You Tonight are youthful and current, something that was the biggest problem folks at radio likely had with Clear As Day.

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  1. New start of poll. Please vote. Billy Dukes did not even say scotty's name and he won this week.

  2. To not even say the name of the winner is pretty low. Everyone is going to see by the sales of this next album just how many fans Scotty has! Get over it Billy Dukes, Scotty is here to stay and he is a gentleman which is more than I can say for you! To not even say his name! SMH.

  3. Have I missed something all these years? Can someone explain why there are Scotty haters ? What has he done and why won't they play his songs etc,,, Is this b/c he won over LA ? HH always get great reviews , BG , and Scottys voice is sooo much better. Why does Billy D do this ? I"M serious, how can the media say anything about Scotty. Does Phillip p Carrie u Kelly c Kellie P etc get put down like this? Help me understand PLEASE!!

  4. Don't it make you upset when there is people out there that hates our Scotty like Billy duke. I think he is just either Jealous, or he probably wanted Lauren to win Idol instead of Scotty.. Scotty's voice is soooo much better then BG.
    What a great review. I just started crying cause I was happy for our Scotty. I couldn't wait to see this happen but it is going too. well we all knew it would someday. I can't wait to see him become a big star. It's going to be so exciting to see it. Love Scotty so much. Forever.ILYTB......


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