Saturday, October 19, 2013

Parade Rewind With Scotty McCreery: His New Album, College Life, and His Favorite American Idol Memory

By Erin Hill

Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery stopped by to chat with Parade about his new album, See You Tonight, getting his college roommates’ musical input, his favorite American Idol memory, and more.

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On his sophomore album.
“I am excited about it. We have been working on this thing for more than a year, so it’s about time this thing is finally out there! It’s fun. We’ve got some fun songs on there. We’ve got some songs that make you think, it’s a good mixture of stuff, so I’m excited about the fact that there’s a song for everybody on this one.
“It was a lot more enjoyable to record this album. I got to sit down and really be an artist with this record, which was nice. I think I’ve got five songs on this record that I co-wrote. Just the overall process of making it was much more relaxed and comfortable. We were just kind of hanging out watching sports and then whenever we felt like it, we’d go record a song. It was a really cool process.”
On his favorite song on the album.
“I would probably say my favorite song on the album is ‘Carolina Moon’ because I’m an old soul and its got a really traditional feel to it and Alison Krauss joined me on the song and did background vocals. It’s a beautiful song. I hope the fans like it as well.”
On juggling school (McCreery is a sophomore at North Carolina State University) and his busy career.
“I majored in Media Communications. It’s a media-driven business, so I think it will help me out in the long run. I’m just in school two days a week — Monday and Wednesday — and then Thursday through Sunday we tour. It’s working out. A lot of the album was recorded over the summer when I wasn’t in school.”
On getting his college roommates’ musical opinions.
“I love getting my roommates and my friends’ input on my songs because they’re my demographic. They’re my age group and they can tell me if they dig a song or think a song’s stupid or if they’re unsure about one. It really helps out I think.”
On his early singing ambitions.
“When I was a young kid, about five or six, my grandma gave me a book about how to be like Elvis, and I read that book cover to cover. I would sing all his songs. It was all I would listen to. I didn’t necessarily want to be a singer; I wanted to be like Elvis. And then I grew up performing around town and doing local coffee shops and showcases and found my love of performing there.”
On his favorite Elvis tune.
“That’s a tough question! I would probably go with ‘Blue Suede Shoes,’ but songs like’ Suspicious Minds’ or ‘Teddy Bear’ are up there, too.”
On his favorite post-Idol moments.
“I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool things since winning American Idol, but singing the national anthem at the World Series was a huge thing for me. I’m a big baseball nut, so I got to combine music and baseball in one night, which was awesome. I’d also say touring with Brad Paisley and getting to go on the road with him and learn from him and see his show every night. It was pretty awesome to be out there with him.”
On life on the road.
“We have a good time on the road. I’ve got a good band and a good crew. We’re kind of like family out there. I don’t ask for too much on the road, I’m not a guy with a crazy rider that I have to have green M&Ms and stuff like that! But I do like my Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its, so as long as I’ve got those, I’m happy!”
On his favorite American Idol memory.
“I would probably say it was during rock ’n' roll week when I sang an Elvis song — ‘That’s Alright, Mama’ — and Priscilla Presley was in the crowd that week, and I got the chance to go sit by her and talk to her before we cut to a commercial break. She looked at me and said — and as big as an Elvis nut as I am, this was like the best thing ever — she said, ‘Elvis would have loved you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God. What in the heck do I say to that?’ That was pretty special.”
On the artists he’s listening to now.
“I do listen to other artists out there, not just country. Adele is someone I really love. I enjoy her music. There’s a guy named Charlie Wilson, who is awesome. He’s got R&B/soul kind of stuff, and Katy Perry has some catchy songs, too. ‘Roar’ is my guilty pleasure now!”
On whether he makes any time for dating.
“Any time for dating? What I do for a living — traveling and stuff — makes relationships tough, but it is possible!”

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