Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Conversation With Scotty McCreery


A Conversation with Scotty McCreery

Mike Ragogna: Scotty!

Scotty McCreery: Hey, how are you doing, Michael?

MR: Pretty good, how are you?

SM: Doing good, thanks for calling.

MR: Wow, just from the tone of your voice, I can tell a lot's happened since we spoke last.

SM: [laughs] I guess, yeah, we've been staying busy.

MR: Scotty, what's been going on between the Christmas album and now?

SM: Well, we thumped out a new album in all that time and we've been on the road as well. Started with the Weekend Roadtrip Tour, and I guess we just extended those dates. We'll be doing that through the end of the year. But the main focus was on this album for sure.

MR: Looks like you already have a hit from the new album, the title track, "See You Tonight."

SM: Yeah, it's still ploughing it's way up the charts, but we're excited about it. "See You Tonight," it's been the best response we've gotten out of a single yet, so yeah, it's been a good thing going.

MR: Okay, what was the difference between making the last studio album and this album?

SM: I got to be an artist with this album. I had time with this record that I didn't really have with the other one. We took the better part of a year, if not more than a year, to work on this one whereas with the first one, we were pumping it out in a couple of months just so we could get it out there for the fans to hear. It was really fun making this record; I think it's a lot more "me."

MR: It also rocks harder than the debut, especially the first track.

SM: It does, it rocks harder. Even the songs that aren't rock, I think they have a deeper meaning or make you think a little bit more than the first record did. This album makes you think, which is a good thing. It's what you want your music to do.

MR: Yeah, the level of songwriting on this album is also pretty strong with "Carolina Moon" being a perfect example. It's one of the more gentle songs, too.

SM: Oh, I love that song. It's one of my favorites if not the favorite. So yeah, it's been cool. Speaking of songwriting, that's another thing that's different with this record, the fact that I got to write songs myself and co-write and get some of my own songs on it. I think I ended up with five total that were mine. That's really cool for me as a young songwriter to have five cuts on the record.

This is a great interview but a very long one also - please click on the link to read the entire article

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