Saturday, September 7, 2013

Videos from Scotty McCreery's Concert at the Madera Fair in California

CREDIT TO: Doug Fields


  1. Dough Fields your videos are excellent..Thanks for posting them.,I sue enjoyed watching them...Thanks again...

  2. I feel as though I'm there at the concert. Doug Fields I don't know you but THANK YOU so much for doing this you do such an excellent job. You both are so good going to Scotty's concerts and keeping all of us posted. THANK"S AGAIN!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, I take my wife, Linda, to any Scotty shows within a 6 hours drive from us (we did fly to the Reno show, however). Linda just loves watching the shows very intently and enthusiastically. I'm her camera guy. I really enjoy the shows also but my main job is to document the shows for her (and for other McCreerians!) glad you enjoyed the videos


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