Sunday, September 8, 2013

Video: Scotty McCreery singing God Bless America at the Padres game today


Glad I get to help out the MCRD Jr. RBI Program here in SD! Now let's

McCreery sings at the stretch

09/08/13 | 00:01:09
9/8/13: Former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery sings "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch at Petco Park

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  1. He sounded so good singing at the game today and By the way, he looked so handsome today also, even though I am one of those Grandma's for Scotty he really did look nice and I am so proud of you Scotty for doing this for the kids its just Awesome and you are such a inspiration to the kids and the young people of today. Thank You for all you do for everyone you for sure always stop and pay a tribute to the one's that serve our country even in your concerts you stop in the middle of your song and that means the world to all of us. Your just one Amazing young man . God Bless you Scotty and pray every day that you will be safe through your travels and wherever you go throughout your busy week. You and your band are Rockin in your concerts and getting better all the time. Hoping I will see you in Kentucky before to long I can't go to the one in Danville so I'm watching for you to come closer this away. Nashville, Evansville Ind. , Louisville or Lexington just want to see you in one of your concerts I saw you with brad several times but it looks like in these videos Scotty you are knocking it out of the ballpark at your concerts and Love seeing the videos I feel as though I'm there. ILYTB Scotty


  2. That was beautiful...He looked so handsome,and he sounded awesome.


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