Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Taste of Country & Pop Crush will be premiering Scotty McCreery's See You Tonight video this Thursday

You asked for it ! My music video will premiere tomr @ 11am ET on & ! Super pumped!

Pssst, McCreerians... We'll be premiering the video THIS THURSDAY! RT if you're excited
 10AM ET


  1. Awesome, It's really here..Yay...I gues it's 10 on taste of country,and 11 on pop crush..I'll make sure I check out both at 10..Sure don't want to miss it...Not after waiting all this time...

  2. OMG cannot wait to see it!!!!Yes I ordered several of them last night, not the guitar though but your cd's. Hey we don't have to wait much longer though next month will be here fast because look how fast the year has gone so far, right????? ILYTB SCOTTY

  3. http://t.co/oWUK5mPjvG vote here

  4. I just watched some of Scotty's Idol journey. I love the new Scotty, but I miss the old one just as much.


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