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See You Tonight Album Preview by Scotty McCreery

 This is a portion of Scotty's new biography on his official page.  To read the complete biography click on the link below :)
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”The album was shaped by a fateful songwriting session he booked with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley that produced “See You Tonight” and “Can You Feel It.” “We were in one of those writing sessions where we didn’t go in there with a specific thought in mind,” he says. “We got lucky that day. ‘Can You Feel It’ is a swampy-sounding song that reminds me of the outdoors, nature, and it even talks about that in the song.”

Of “See You Tonight, he says, “We were hashing around ideas and we started playing a loop on the guitar. We said, ‘What does this make you think of?’ We talked about how that loop made you think about wanting to go see a girl. We started writing it, and before you know it, we thought, ‘Wow, this is a pretty good one!’ We finished the day and we were pretty excited with what we wrote.”

“Something More” describe his yearning for more substance in his country music than is often found in today’s songs. “I grew up with the older-style country, so you hear the more heartfelt things, whether it was somebody hurting or dying. These are songs that had a deep meaning to them and are more than just riding around in a truck and falling in love with a hot girl. I enjoy listening to something that has a deep meaning to it.”

But that’s not to say that the North Carolina State sophomore doesn’t let his fun side show on his sophomore project. He co-wrote “Now,” which is a rocking country song that says, “We don’t care where it is or when it is,” he says. “Let’s get the party started right now. We had fun recording that one.”

Two of the album’s songs have titles that can be misleading at first glance. The McCreery-penned “I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend,” isn’t about distancing himself from a young woman, but instead getting closer. “It’s a guy talking about, ‘You’ve got your girls to hang out with and do girly things like paint your nails and I’ve got my guys to watch football with. So we’ve got that covered and I don’t want to do that with you. I want to be more than that: I want to be somebody who has a relationship with you.’”

“Feel Good Summer Song” is the antithesis of a carefree summer anthem. It describes a heartbroken man who desperately wants to heal his pain and move on with his life. “But every time he turns on the radio station, he just hears another feel-good country song,” he says. “He says, ‘How can I get over you when every station is playing a feel-good country song?’”

 That song, as well as “Forget to Forget You,” address heartache, which is something new on a McCreery album. Clear as Day predominantly featured happy-go-lucky songs, and while See You Tonight offers a full menu of party and good-time, good-feelin’ selections, McCreery wanted to tackle new themes this time around. “I’ve had these feelings before,” he says. “Anybody who is a teenager has been there before. People relate to it and it’s one of those emotions that you can’t put on the back burner. It’s real and it hurts. There’s something about country music. Even if the song is about heartbreak, you can listen to it and try to feel better about the situation you are in.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise that McCreery’s favorite song on his new album is “Carolina Moon,” a traditional country song that he knew he wanted to record as soon as he heard the first verse and chorus. “It hits home with me, growing up in North Carolina. The song talks about being on the road touring and missing home.” He was honored that Alison Krauss, one of the best singers in any genre, agreed to record the song with him. “That took the song over the top,” he says. “She is wonderful and has such an iconic and beautiful voice.”

 While “Carolina Moon” is McCreery’s favorite, some of his closest friends prefer another song. “With me being in college, I live with three buddies, so I bounced ideas and songs off of them,” he says. “So far, they are partial to ‘Feeling It,’ so we’ll see how that one does. My roommates say that one is going to be my biggest song yet!”


  1. just got through listening to a little bit of each song on Scotty Album, He do think is going to be really a great one for him.


  2. They are all so good, if he does not get loads of radio play and a couple of awards out of this, there is no justice.

  3. I listened to all the snippets on Amazon France. OMG! All of Scotty's songs seem to be fantastic. Now I really can't wait to get the album. There was not even one snippet that I didn't like. Just when I thought his Clear as Day was great I realized that I will like this one even better. Can't get enough of listening to our Scotty!
    Grandma from Buffalo

  4. I don't think we have heard anything yet, those little snippets are like little tiny sprouts, wait until we hear these songs in full!! Take your hands off your ears, radio!! Oh, and I can hear that voice!! Nobody has a voice quite like Scotty McCreery!! So special--that tone!! Oh my goodness!!

  5. I feel a platinum record coming and a few number 1 hits. If radio doesn't play these songs, there is something wrong with country radio. Can't wait until Oct 15th!!

  6. Scotty has the most beautiful tone in his voice!! I just loved every little snippet from his new album!! I can't wait to get it!! I am so excited! It's like waiting for Christmas!! I am going to buy some more CD's and give them out as gifts!! This album is going to turn him into a superstar! He is and always will be my favorite! No one holds a candle to him. I am going to wear this CD out when it comes!! FANTASTIC!!

  7. Where do you hear a bit of each song ? Order 3 cd's on line but will definitely buy more for friends and family ! Lets get it to DOUBLE PLATINUM !!!!!!!!! God knew what he was doing when he sent us SCOTTY MCCREERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYTB . What a role model for all of us. We have FAITH. Scotty is BIG and will make it to the top of COUNTRY MUSIC.

    1. Double Platinum heck, let's make it QUADRUPLE PLATINUM!!!! Can't wait for some more videos. Carolina Eyes is my favorite.


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