Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scotty McCreery in concert at the Clay County Fair 9/14

I had the most epic fall ever tonight on stage! I fell… n then I couldnt get back up. It was like I was on ice… loll. Please sum1 have a vid

 This is an instagram video of Scotty falling on stage tonight


  1. You guy are always on top and up to date with Scotty I so enjoy this site THANKS

  2. Looks like he never skipped a beat. Way to go, Scotty!!!!! I so much wish we could buy his Rock This Night song. Anybody know why it's not included on the new album coming out?

    1. Glad Scotty was able to get on his feet and never skipped a beat through the ordeal! I love 'Rock This Night' too and was so looking forward to hearing it on his album, but Scotty in response to a tweet, said, it didn't record as well as it is live, and also there's some legal stuff surrounding it! So I'm looking ahead now, at what looks to be an album with some really great songs on it.

  3. All the girls wish that Scotty would fall for them, just not literally. Glad he wasn't hurt. Someone needs to go out there when it rains and dry off the ramp and stage a little, or else he needs some grips put on the bottom of his boots. He is such a professional! He didn't miss a beat!

  4. I only viewed the video once. I dont want to watch him in such situation. I wish people on his production team see to it that everything went well in his shows. This is the second time that he fell from coming down the ramp. They should defintiely do something about this. Somebody mentioned that he hurt his thumb and a little of his ego. I am sure it did. I pity this kid. I love this kid so much. He has become a part of our lives now. Production crew....take care of our Scotty.

  5. If anybody has the video please post it on you tube because I can't watch it for some reason!!! ;-) =-O

  6. I can never get videos from instagram. I don't have a cell phone with modern technology and I don't have an Ipad. Anyway, if anyone has the same problem I do you can see the video of Scotty falling on ( Right now it is the fourth article. I must warn you it will break your heart. Right now I wished I didn't see it because my heart broke for our Scotty. I can understand his ego being hurt. We can boost his ego by buying his album (pre-order) now from I-tunes. Let's try and start by making it gold and than we will work towards platinum! Grandma from Buffalo.


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