Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scotty Mccreery and Florida Georgia Line Team up and Provide Water

Scotty McCreery, Florida Georgia Line Help Provide Clean Water to Children in Need By Christina Vinson September 27, 2013 Scotty McCreery and Florida Georgia Line recently joined forces with celebs like Scarlett Johansson, President Bill Clinton, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Morgan Freeman, but not for entertainment — it was in the name of clean water. The long list of stars used their influence for a really good cause, pushing a project called Flash Flood for Good that brings clean water to children in need who reside in three of the most affected countries in the world: Ethiopia, Myanmar and Rwanda. More than 2,000 children die each day from unsafe water, but there is hope if everyone fights against this tragedy together. Florida Georgia Line tweeted: “The #FlashFloodForGood is on! Can 1 Tweet bring 1 million kids clean drinking water for a year?” McCreery added an additional plea, writing, “Proud to lend my voice to children who need clean water to live! The #FlashFloodForGood is on! Pls donate now.” Flash Flood for Good seeks to change social media currency into real currency for 72 hours. The recent ‘flash flood’ began Sept. 24 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, focusing on clean water, and ended Friday (Sept. 27). Here’s how it works: if you add your Facebook and Twitter feeds to Flash Flood for Good, you’ll post together with the project. As a result, hundreds of millions of people will see their message and can donate instantly. Everyone was asked to donate $10, which provides one child with clean drinking water for a year. Hundreds of millions of people did see the message, and the project actually surpassed its original goal, reaching 544,987,860 people with the message and cleaning 1,861,500 liters of water in total. Although the flood is over, the need for clean water isn’t, and the website


  1. How dose Scotty do it..??. ..find the time to do it all Scotty you have become amazing role model What example to all of us of all age THANk YOU SO MUCH Hope Scotty can find time to have some fun with his close friends WE ALL LOVE Scotty

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