Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Couple Videos I found of Scotty McCreery

Credit to: KSKS937 Credit to: dmmcminn99


  1. I've never watched an interview, where they didn't love talking to Scotty McCreery...super guy that he is! I couldn't hear 'God Bless America' very well but with Scotty's beautiful voice, bet it was awesome live!!!

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  3. Scroll down further on the page t were Scotty is standing on the field with a mic in his hand,by the way he looks so cute on that picture...They'll be another picture of him with a check,and some kids...underneath that it will say Scotty sings at the stretch..The whole video is there,and it's awesome..Just click into that and you'll pull it up...but you will engjoy the other one


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