Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scotty McCreery's new single See You Tonight is #39 on Mediabase chart

Credit goes to dusty125 and drdeb17 from Idol Forum

MEDIABASE (8/17/13)
43 39 SCOTTY MCCREERY See You Tonight 732 742 -10 3.665 (+2 / -.032 AI)
31 40 KACEY MUSGRAVES Blowin' Smoke 640 1413 -773 4.22 (dropping/recurrent)
44 41 Up this week THOMPSON SQUARE Everything I Shouldn't Be... 689 677 12 3.532 (+12 / +.048 AI)
48 42 Up this week FRANKIE BALLARD Helluva Life 601 512 89 3.123 (+38 / +.098)
53 43 Up this week JAKE OWEN Days Of Gold 595 293 302 3.921 (+48)
46 44 Up this week DANIELLE BRADBERY The Heart Of Dixie 559 515 44 3.284 (+19)
35 45 JOEL CROUSE If You Want Some 613 1090 -477 4.71 (dropping / recurrent)
47 46 Up this week DAVID NAIL Whatever She's Got 632 609 23 3.546 (+11)
45 47 JANA KRAMER I Hope It Rains 568 603 -35 2.892 (+8)
49 48 Up this week LOVE AND THEFT If You Ever Get Lonely 539 471 68 2.114 (+21)
51 49 Up this week THE HENNINGSENS I Miss You 425 379 46 1.853 (+11)
56 50 Up this week COLE SWINDELL Chillin' It 397 309 88 2.332 (+21)

He did it. Top 40! ohyeah.gif

IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE . . . HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY. w00t.gif party.gif clap.gif thumbup.gif ohyeah.gif icecream.gif cake.gif heartbounce.gif
Credit for the picture goes to: g1dragon from Idol Forum

WARNING!!!! McCreerians at work!!!

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  1. ..

    That is great news,and I hope every day it keeps moving on up..I really do love your picture that is so cool...

  2. This is a nail-biting, exciting, nerve-wracking, heart-breaking, addictive, long-drawn-out process watching Scotty climb this vertical mountain by his bloody fingers while the "radio darlings" are being hoisted up the charts with ropes and pulleys. We are going to help Scotty get as high as he can possibly get on the charts or die trying!! "See You Tonight" is a beautiful song, and you are so special to us McCreerians as a country music singer and as a person, too!! We love you to pieces, Scotty!!


  4. With this great news, the fans will definitely be more determined and challenged to help him get higher on the charts. Congratulations to Scotty and fans.

    Happy !!!

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  6. I Am So incredible happy about this great news for our Scotty. With the help of his news fans it will go higher. And his Idol fans too. Congrads to our Scotty!!!!!

  7. Here goes those goose bumps again when I start reading this EXCITING news about SCOTTY MCCREERY !!!!!!!!! VERY WELCOMING NEWS !!! GOOOOOOOOO SCOTTY>


  8. I wish we could keep him on the i-tune charts so he stays up there,hE's at No 98...I don't understand how they figure this stuff out,,,is it all sales,or spins on the radio..

  9. Yay Scotty so proud for you. I have been voting on top 5 Cody poll and honestly I do not understand that one there were several on there but one of them had 182,000 and something last night about 8:30 and now its 11,000 up by 10 this morning someone must be just sitting up all night because that kind of amazes me it can go up that fast. I guess I just don't understand it. Scotty we got to get you up there buddy you are doing great on here at 39 WAY TO GO SCOTTY come on guys We Got to do it do it for our boy!!!! I know everyone on here is doing all they can for you Scotty so do what your doing because YOU CAN DO IT my friend we all have Faith in you. I love your shirts too! ILYTB


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