Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scotty McCreery throws the first pitch of the game and makes a donation to RBF

Cute little Scotty! "I gotta see you tonight" 

Spent some pre-game time on the diamond while the Rays warmed up at Tropicana Field. Good times, great oldies...
Elizabeth/Christina⚾ ‏@TBRaysTwins 13m
@ScottyMccreery Thanks so much for your autograph Scotty!!! We were so excited!!! Awesome job throwing…

News Photo: American Idol winner Scotty McCreery throws out a…
IPB Image

Great job by with today's first pitch (he throws gas)--and thank you to him for his donation to RBF!


  1. That's really thoughtful for him to give a donation great pics thanks Donna

  2. I was working at that time. Live 1 hr away from Tropicana Field. I couldnt be absent from work.
    Tampa is proud of you. You are special.

  3. What a face ! He gave it his all ! Love ya Scotty ! You are a WONDERFUL person !

  4. You are so,so very Thoughtful To give a donation!!! You are incredible Special. Love you Scotty!


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