Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scotty McCreery: Celebrity On Campus

American Idol fame hasn’t changed Scotty one bit. He spills on balancing being a full-time college student and a country star!  By Emily Laurence 

Writing From The Heart

“I’ve been writing [songs] since I was a kid, but ‘See You Tonight’ is the first song I’ve written and recorded. It’s about getting home after a long day and having to see your girl. The message is basically, ‘I’m coming over whether you like it or not!’”
“The songs on my new album are about love and of course heartbreak—it’s a country album, so there has to be heartbreak! There are some happy-go-lucky party songs, too. The album is a cool, unique mix!”

Writing Term Papers On The Tour Bus

“I’m in college, at North Carolina State University. I’m about to start my sophomore year and have an apartment on campus with three buddies I’ve grown up with. I get to be normal when I’m there and then I tour Thursday through Sunday. My professors are pretty strict though—they don’t care about the whole craziness of [fame]!”

Low-Maintenance Dude

“I’m a pretty low-key North Carolina boy. I like to go fishing and hang out with my friends. I just got some new tires on my truck, so we’ll go mudding together. For me, the best vacation is just relaxing on the couch!”

Click here to watch a teaser for Scotty's "See Me Tonight" teaser!


  1. Can't wait for the album. Glad he is singing some love songs.That voice kills me. He sounds great on the radio with SYT ! It belongs there,,,

  2. Me either, I hope it is soon. He looks so good in this picture, very muscular and looks like his lost some weight. Hey probably where he has been going so much all weekend long and then sweating like crazy when it was so hot. Well whatever he is doing he looks great. Love his moves his been doing really getting into his concerts LOVE LOVE THESE video's everyone has been taking but I hate it because I cannot see the vines don't know how to get it either if anyone knows tell me how in straight English so I can understand how, HA!!!!Looking Good Scotty. Proud of you young man!!!!ILYTB

    1. Why is weight underlined in my comment I didn't do that!!! I'm not talking about his weight just saying he looks good but I didn't underline that, that's weird.

    2. I was looking at my comment above can't figure how weight got underlined I didn't do that, that is weird1!!!

  3. Don't like the vines bee ecause you only hear him for such a short time repeatedly. It was cute at first and once in a while. But yes he sound and looks great! He has everything going for him. Make a list you'd like to see in you man and boy he has it all! Amazing!

  4. Can't wait for the album to come out. that voice just kills me when I hear it. I made me a Station on WSIX 97.9 IHEART Radio,on the Computer. on the radio part you can make a Scotty McCreery Radio station, it plays all of Scotty's songs. and other artist too. It is fun listening to it. he is so Amazing!!!! Ant we all lucky to know him. He is by far the Greatest person that we know!!!!!!! cause he is so good to us.


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