Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scotty McCreery will be performing at the Danville Harvest Jubilee, Danville, VA tonight 

Danville Harvest Jubilee
Danville Harvest Jubilee, Inc. is a non-profit organization bringing regional and national entertainers to Danville for over 30 years. The group is best known for the Fridays at the Crossing Concert Series and the Danville Harvest Jubilee Concert Series.

Today, Danville Harvest Jubilee coordinates many entertainment based activities including the new River District Rhythm series at the Crossing and also provides sponsorship for other events, which benefits the community by improving the quality of life for Danville area residents.

Harvest Jubilee Concert Series
2013 Concert Schedule

   Scotty McCreery  

Scotty McCreery
Saturday, July 27


  1. Saw Scotty last night in Fredericksburg, VA along with my husband, son and three of his friends (all girls!). My son isn't a country music fan but by the end of the evening he became one! Scotty was fantastic. Very energetic show with great graphics on the screen behind him and his band. Almost 2 hours. All three of his new songs are fantastic live. Had four VIP experience passes so my son and his friends went backstage afterwards to meet Scotty and get their pictures taken. All of them said how nice Scotty and his road manager were. Saw Scotty's mom, dad and sister working the booths but the lines were so long I didn't get to meet them. A good crowd with all age groups and a lot of families with small children. The VIP experience tickets you purchase from Scotty's official website are the way to go if possible. Scotty is on his way to becoming a hugh country music star. So proud of him!

    1. Awesome! I am so glad that guys who don't think they would like Scotty that much or are just going to his concerts because their girlfriends want to go (maybe after seeing him on American Idol as just an inexperienced teenage singer) are finding out that he has grown by leaps and bounds in voice, confidence and performance since then. He has proven it over and over again that he can play with the "big boys" now! He rocks the stage like other superstars he has idolized as a kid! He was born to sing country music!! Lucky us, his fans, who now have the privilege and opportunity to enjoy his music and support him!! Of course, we McCreerians saw and heard that "superstar within" the very first time we saw him!!

  2. Everyone of his Tours this week look like they were OUT OF THIS WORLD like he was so hype into the crowd and sounds like he nailed every single one of them and has gotten so Amazing. Of course we knew that but I want to see him on this Weekend Roadtrip Tour by himself. He has matured and they his band and him have changed up some of his songs a little and I LOVE THE VIDEOS I could sit here and watch them all day he is so Good. Thank You All for putting them on here for us!!!!!! Go Vote EVERYONE for him on FAVORITE IDOL Lauren is winning right now everyone that went to the concert GO VOTE on the He needs to win this poll from us FansofScotty!!!!!ILYTB SCOTTY

  3. Hello I have been voting, someone need to tweet the fans on tweeter the rest of the fans. Scotty have a very large fan base. They need to be alerted on FAN BUFF AND PUT IT IN RED. Scotty is doing a great job in his performeses and he is getting better and better. To God be the glory. Bless your special friend GABI and your family,friends, and the band and your crew, be safe. LOVE U. GRANDMA FROM TX.

  4. Thanks you all for showing us all the concerts and info. This is great ! Love getting on this website to see all the news about Scotty. HES THE MAN ! LA fans are the ones who gets Scotty to the bottom on Cody Alan, I think they must sit at their computers all day. Why this hate for Scotty I have no idea.Voting is nice but doesn't show where our Scotty is today. HE IS MAKING HIS WAY TO THE TOP AND A SUPERSTAR !!!

  5. Thank you MamaG for mentioning the poll. I wasn't aware of it but thanks to you I started voting on Scotty is now ahead (he has 42.93%)


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