Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scotty McCreery performs tonight at the Craven Country Jamboree


  1. Hey everyone go vote on Cody's site for Scotty. Cody started a new one so lets get him back up there. Yeah I heard Scotty nailed it again at his performance last night. I knew they would love him I think he got some good reviews too. IlYTB Scotty.

  2. Hi Mama G thank u so much, I will go and vote. Just hope that they don't cheat him out of his points. GRANDMA FROM TX.

  3. Yes they already have. I went to bed and Scotty was #1 by 500 votes , this morning he was #8 loosing by 7000 votes and 7 in front of him . Tell me its not fixed ???????????Why are people so evil that they want Scotty at the bottom ? and why would you sit behind a computer all night , GET A LIFE !!!!!!!! We don't need votes SCOTTY IS DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT CODY ALAN !!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SCOTTY !!!!!!!!!


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