Monday, July 29, 2013

Scotty McCreery is a home-grown star

Scotty McCreery is a home-grown star
By Robert Kelly - Goss
The Daily Advance
Judy McCreery is at home in Garner. Her mother Janet Cooke is home here in Elizabeth City. The two women have been talking back and forth because they’re excited about Scotty McCreery’s upcoming Sept. 1 concert.  Scotty, the American Idol sensation who has been taking country music by storm, is at home in Garner, too. It’s summer break and the full-time North Carolina State University student has been off and on the road, on his 2013 Weekend Road Trip Tour.

That tour is bringing him back to northeast North Carolina, to Roanoke Island Festival Park on Sept. 1. It’s a concert Judy McCreery and her mother agree is Scotty’s homecoming of sorts.
“When our kids were growing up, we would always take them to Nags Head and Kitty Hawk,” said Judy McCreery, who graduated from Northeastern High School in Elizabeth City.  As for Scotty, well he’s pleased to be doing a show in a place that means a great deal to him.  “This’ll be a special show for me,” said Scotty from his parents’ home in Garner.  Back in 2009 Scotty McCreery says auditioning for American Idol was a fun idea that would give him “a cool story” to tell. He says he figured he would give the audition his best shot, but it wasn’t likely that he would make the cut.  “There were no delusions of placing in the show,” said Judy McCreery.

In his signature deep voice, Scotty recalled his experience easily, suggesting he’d told the story plenty in the past. He said when they started putting him through each audition, that’s when he began to take the competition seriously.  Judy McCreery is a former middle school teacher and real estate agent. She says at the time Scotty was auditioning for American Idol, she was preparing to go back to school and teach.

Scotty was only 17 when he began his ascent on American Idol. What would happen next, Judy McCreery said, would catch the family off-guard. Scotty would become the season 10 winner and change not only his life, but the life of his family as well.  “It blew up and we were totally unprepared,” recalled Judy.  In an instant, Scotty, along with his family, was thrust into celebrity, a celebrity that could easily lead to stardom.  “We just kind of decided to put on our seatbelts and learn as much as we could and support him in this,” said Judy.

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  1. Thank you Daily Advance doing a acticle on our Scotty. Love the great Story. It is going to lead him to STARDOM. cause his fans and I is going to make that happen. and with the help of the music Industry. We all just Love that deep voice. he is the BEST. It's cool that he is going to do a concert in the town where Judy grew up as a teenager. I hope it goes great for Scotty playing in Elizabeth City.


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