Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scotty McCreery Gives Fans the ‘Inside Scoop’ on His ‘American Idol’ Experience

Amy Sciarretto Scotty McCreery is right up there with Carrie Underwood (and, to an extent, Kelly Clarkson) as one of the most successful country music alums from ‘American Idol.’ Over the weekend, McCreery — who won Season 10 back in 2011 and is prepping his sophomore album — took to Twitter to give fans the inside scoop on how the show works. He lived it, so he would know. McCreery won our hearts at the tender age of 17 when he delivered a rumbling, stirring rendition of Josh Turner‘s ‘Your Man’ for his initial audition, which was one of the most memorable of the season and of the series. But it almost didn’t happen. “Fun Fact: For the ‘Idol’ auditions you have to sing a song that is cleared by the show for rights and stuff. ‘Your Man’ wasn’t cleared my audition day,” McCreery shares. He further reveals, “If you sang a song that wasn’t cleared they wouldn’t put your audition on TV, which makes it tough on your chances of making the show. I told the producers I didn’t care, and I was singing ‘Your Man.’ Miraculously, about 15 minutes before my audition, they told me they got it cleared! If that had not happened, we would’ve never got to hear Steven’s crazy line, and who knows if I’d be here today!” McCreery is, of course, referring to then-judge Steven Tyler’s wacky response to his voice. If the clearance hadn’t come, it could have drastically changed the outcome of Season 10 and of McCreey’s life. The young star was also told that he was not auditioning for ‘Nashville Star,’ and the producers asked him to sing a non-country tune. He chose ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ by crooner Frank Sinatra. “Imagine that in my country voice, haha,” he joked with his Twitter followers. It was on the show that McCreery sang Jamey Johnson‘s ‘In Color,’ which won him a golden ticket. He had to learn a pop song and picked John Mayer‘s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,’ which was performed in a non-filmed audition. Believe it or not, he was even asked to perform — get this! — Lady Gaga‘s ‘Bad Romance.’ Wait, what? Country crooner Scotty McCreery going Gaga? He was a good sport and tried it, but stopped at the midpoint, saying, “This ain’t on my country station back home, I don’t know this.” Turns out, the execs of the show weren’t serious. They simply wanted to hear a “country boy sing Lady Gaga, lol.” http://tasteofcountry.com/scotty-mccreery-american-idol-inside-scoop/


  1. What a story ! SM CU AND KC are and should be at the top of AI's list. God was with Scotty at this audition b/c God knew what joy and love he will be to so many teens and adults. HES THE MAN !!!

  2. God knew he was the one to keep they all got saved that one night and Wow I have been watching all his songs from Idol days and I could just sit and watch them over and over he was young but I cannot get over how he has matured in 3 years he is absolutely Amazing in concert and I have seen him but not on this Tour and I am so wanting to go I had tickets and =had to give them to my son and his wife because of sickness in family and I actually almost died myself but I had to be here for family and I cannot wait to see him again. Donna and all these people who post on here I just love his concerts you post I feel as though I'm there in most of them. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN I JUST CAN"T THANK YOU enough. His Bo Commercials are so funny and cute yes I could see Scotty being an Actor at times Tim and others do it but Scotty you are young you have plenty of time to try new things. I Love your singing too much. HA!!!! Yes Kentucky girl he does need to be right there on top with them!!!!!! ILYTB SCOTTY

  3. What a heck of a great Story. God knew what he was doing when kept Scotty that Day cause he knew that Scotty would bring us all JOY & Love. Which he has and much more. He has Matured since the Audition. It is fun going back and Watching the video's from his Idol days. His BO Commercials are so funny and cute. Yes indeed he deserve's to be up on top with Carrie and Kelly. ILYTB FOREVER.

  4. Thank for sharing!!!

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