Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scotty cuts song titled 'Carolina Eyes'

Posted by Windmills over at MjsBigBlog:
For Scotty fans:A while ago, Music Row had an item confirming Scotty had cut a song cowritten by Aaron Goodvin for his upcoming album, and I posted that here.
I can confirm the song in question is called 'Carolina Eyes,' and it's written by Aaron Goodvin, Adam Sanders, and Cole Swindell. The song was originally writtten as 'Alabama Eyes' (and used to be posted on Cole Swindell's Reverb Nation page, so you might have heard it there), but Scotty asked for a change for obvious reasons. It's a romantic song.
Cole Swindell cowrote Scotty's Water Tower Town. Cole's a good buddy of Luke Bryan, and the same 3 guys who cowrote Scotty's cut also cowrote a Luke cut called '(Let's Go) Out Like That' for Luke's upcoming album. Cole has a single ('Chillin It') that's taken off in sales thanks to airplay on Sirius XM's The Highway, and he's about to announce (next week, I think) that he's signed to a Warner Music Nashville label, which will promote his single to country radio.


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    1. this is right !!!

  3. Thank you kathy I did go to youtube and watch it.I just heard alabama eyes it's a great song and a great Romantic song. this song is going to fit him well. with that country voice singing it that we all love it's going to WOW us all. oh the girls are going to go crazy when they hear him sing this. I am soooooo proud of you picking the right songs for you.
    I Love you sooooooooo much,forever, ever.


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