Monday, July 8, 2013

Pictures of Scotty McCreery performing at Jam in the Valley


  1. Scotty hope you are feeling better, glad that you didn't have to cancel this performance because it sounds like you nailed it again. You sang Great on the 4th even though they said you hardly had a voice the day before, I have watched that performance over and over YOU sung Amazing. Proud of you Scotty!!!! ILYTB

    1. Scotty was Amazing on the 4th. So proud of you Scotty. I hope he is feeling better. Did not know that he was not feeling good. MamaG where did you read or hear of that? Thanks, Bob

  2. He had a cold but he is a trouper. His dad confirmed this.

  3. I didn't know he had a cold either I hope he's better and he sung great on the 4th where did u read that???? :-)

  4. Im also glad he didn't have to cancel the show looks like he nailed it!!!!


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