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Craven review: Scotty McCreery makes impressive Jamboree debut

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July 14

Craven Country Jamboree

CRAVEN — Making his Craven Country Jamboree debut, American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery showed he belonged and then some on the big outdoor stage Sunday night.

Introduced by a backing track and recordings of him being announced as winner of Idol, and various other awards, McCreery bolted down the stage, starting with Rock This Night off his upcoming sophomore record. Dressed in a tight-black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a medium-sized crucifix hanging from a silver chain around his neck, the 19-year old North Carolinian earned a hearty welcome from the Craven faithful.

With a notoriety larger than his musical catalogue, the North Carolina State student stuck to a number of upbeat tracks off his debut Clear as Day, some new singles off its yet unnamed followup, and smattering of covers to keep things peppy. Even when he did throw in the odd ballad, his vocal chops were more than enough to keep all eyes glued on the youthful entertainer.

His set was largely flawless as his backing band was top notch, and McCreery has a vocal maturity that exceeds his years. He’s fortunate to have such a mature singing voice at such a young age, as he’ll be able to refine it further as he builds on his career.

Noting his time on Idol, before covering the George Strait hit Check Yes or No, McCreery stated, “During American Idol they kept wanting to do songs like Lady Gaga. I was like, ‘What the heck?’ Finally about Week 7, I told those producers I am country. Here’s a song by the King of Country, George Strait.” The 61-year old Texan would have approved of the rendition.

It was apparent the younger members of the crowd, particularly many of the female ones, appreciated his appearance, with one young lady in particular handing him a handful of flowers as he prowled up and down the catwalk.

The only criticism, albeit minor, was when the young star pushed his vocals a bit beyond his range during covers of Garth Brooks’ Papa Loved Mama and Tim McGraw’s I Like It, I Love It. To quote Randy Jackson, it was a little pitchy dawg. Regardless, when singing his own songs, or others in his wheelhouse, McCreery is in the company of new stars like Easton Corbin that a vocal tone that other artists would sell their souls for.

Having spent a few days north of the border already, he earned a few more points with the crowd sharing, “I’ve been up here for two days now and I’ve learned a couple things now. For one, you people love your Roughriders huh? I found that out. Number two y’all got some looking ladies up here,” as his band played the opening notes to The Trouble With Girls. Nothing earns you more cheers in Craven than talking about the Riders and the cute girls, so he’s already mastered the art of stage banter.

Without a signature song to close his set, McCreery wisely chose a medley of songs he grew up on featuring Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Elvis, Travis Tritt, and Montgomery Gentry that was fully appreciated by all as dancing and singing along became the norm.

Although McCreery isn’t a superstar at the level of Brooks, Strait, McGraw, or Chesney who followed the 19-year old’s set, the only thing stopping a further rise to the top is a top-notch catalogue of hits. Don’t count that out and definitely count on seeing him again in the next couple years.


1. Rock This Night

2. Water Tower Town

3. Walkin’ The Country

4. I Love You This Big

5. Check Yes or No

6. Write My Number on Your Hand

7. Papa Loved Mama

8. Suntan

9. See You Tonight

10. You Make That Look Good

11. I Like It, I Love It

12. The Trouble With Girls

13. Hey Good Lookin’/Folsom Prison Blues/That’s Alright Now Momma/T.R.O.U.B.L.E/Gone (medley)




  2. Hey good interview and hey he does these songs really well. His voice might have been a little off from where he had been sick but hey it's so hot I don't even see how anybody's voice is working, right. HA!!!!! The crowd always love's these songs I LIKE It, I LOVE IT, it always gets the crowd going and the band in there too singing with him, LOVE IT!!!!!Everyone of his songs are soooo good just could listen to him all day long. He is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!! ILYTB SCOTTY


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