Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Videos of Scotty McCreery's Q & A at the Fan Club Party

I apologize for getting these posted so late - but I had a death in my family last week along with a wedding & family reunion, so I was very busy from Wednesday until Monday. Donna

Credit to: TheButtons66 Q & A with Scotty Part 1. Fan Club Party was awesome,Scotty was fantastic, relaxed and having lots of fun with his fans.

Q & A with Scotty Part 2 Awesome time at the Fan Club Party. Could listen to Scotty just talking all the time. We were treated to a great time with him and his Band,Dry County


  1. He mentioned about wanting to tour with Garth Brooks in 2014... I have a hunch that his management team is working on this.
    On this note, could it be that he is doing a duet with Garth? .....

  2. ME TOO DONNA, I Could listen to him talk all the time. Just love It, he just thrills me to hear his voice. This Interveiw is Fantastic I could watch it over and over. he is a Sweetheart. ILYTB Scotty.

    So sorry Donna you had a death in the family, and besides the other stuff you had to go through.

  3. Three years later, and he STILL makes me smile.

  4. I just got a chance to watch the interview - what a great video!!! He just makes me smile. He is so natural. Thanks for posting the videos!
    Donna you do an amazing job keeping us up on what is going on with Scotty. Thank you so much!!


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