Monday, June 17, 2013

Videos of Scotty McCreery in concert

Credit to: Mary Holacka            Scotty McCreery - Make That Look Good
           Credit to: newcountryq1041


  1. Love Love these videos, he just keeps getting better. He is absolutely Amazing artist I wish some of these people that is the ones that would give him a Big boost would see and watch his Weekend Road trip concert videos because he is better than some of the Big ones. Scotty I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished in these short years. You are right up there on top. Love the way you are getting into the songs and you have got moves you told Kelly you couldn't dance I bet you would be a good one on DANCING WITH THE STARS :):):) hint, hint HA!!!!!That really would be something to watch Scotty on Tv dancing....... Well I'm satisfied just watching you Scotty on these videos singing and dancing around..... WELL have a great day, ILYTB

  2. Love Love these video's, Our Scotty is so Absolutely incredible Amazing Artist.I went to the Dentist today and I took my Ipod with me and was listening to our Scotty,while I was in the dentist Chair the denist guy was working on me I was listen to Scotty. he help me get through it. Scotty I am so proud of you and what you have Accomplished and while you were on Idol to now in these 2 years. I am too Satisfied with these video's watching you sing and Dancing around. Love it how you go on stage before you start singing.where you say hi to the Audience. ILYTB FOREVER. MY sweet Scotty.


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