Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pictures from Scotty McCreery's concert last night in Reno, NV

Scotty fans all ready. "Scotty, Scotty, Scotty"
Check Yes or No! Country at its finest!!
Write My Number On Your Hand...the girls rushed the stage. It was crazy!!
One more...look at all those hopeful hands! we do!
 Cynthia McCreerian ‏@cdarrimon 6h
killed it tonight. It was nice meeting you, hope you like the chocolate boot.
Look what's outside our room ready to roll! I know is country but GONE really rocked tonight

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  1. GREAT PICTURE'S DOUG. and You are right about that he is COUNTRY AT IT"S FINEST!!!!! WE all do Love our Scotty So much. He is the best thing that has happen to us!!!!!! Don't ya'll agree.


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