Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video of Scotty McCreery's performance at Six Flags

This video is 20:48 minutes long of Scotty's concert at Six Flags - thanks Mammaw Hicks for letting me know about this video!!
 Credit to: TheMsAngelaS·


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I love it. He is the best. I missed it at Six Flags and it is so great when he has the fans that will post his concerts for the ones that can't go. He is such a special person, so glad we all have him in our lives and that his family is sharing him with us all.

  2. Thanks for posting my video for everyone. I have another one up but the title didn't come out so if you just look at my youtube page it should be there. It' s of Scotty singing "Gone".
    I have another hr or so of video but I have to figure out how to make them into a bunch of smaller length videos before I post them. The video is a lot closer of a view of Scotty and you can see a lot but unfortunately the sound didn't come out like the phone camera. There's a lot of static. I'll post it anyway if I can.
    I also have tons of photo's

    1. Posted other videos of concert at Six Flags.


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