Friday, June 21, 2013

Pictures of the taping of Scotty McCreery's video See You Tonight

Found these pictures on the Fan buff site

"See You Tonight" Video To Be Released Soon!

Scotty on set for “See You Tonight” music video…
(NOT my photo.)
this looks perfect
Scotty on Set for "See You Tonight" music video -

The lead Girl in Scotty’s music video See You Tonight is ________ who is a 20 year old model
She’s gorgeous and I am excited about the video! Kind of upset though. I was really hoping it would’ve been Gabi again. Oh well still excited and can’t wait to see the video!
huh i thought it would definitely be Gabi
angel bugsy ‏@CrazyMcCreerian   "The lead Girl in Scotty's music video See You Tonight is Megan Medlin who is a 20 year old model" WOOOOOOW

NCSU Football Team will be part of Scotty's music video -
NC State Football ‏@PackFootball   Music video shoot over. @ScottyMcCreery with some of the extras.

I love this picture! 
NC State Football ‏@PackFootball   Some of the players are debuting their acting skills in the @ScottyMcCreery music video on our new practice field

Alex Watkins ‏@alexmwatkins  @ScottyMcCreery best PAs ever?  Who else can give you a NC State baseball play-by-play?  Exactly.

from this video <3 he’s so cute

original.gif  Tweets  original.gif

Wesley Lo ‏@lo_wesley   Trucks are pulling in for @ScottyMcCreery's music video shoot!  Come to the Brickyard later today to check it out!

Ashley McCreery ‏@ashleymccreery2   On the set of Scotty's new music new video "See You Tonight" original.gif Filming with @magenmedlin šŸŽ„

Mike McCreery @MikeMGarner   Back out here on the NC State brickyard after all these years for the @ScottyMcCreery SYT music video shoot!


Bryana Bass ‏@BBass5   Scotty McCreery recording a music video at NC State #NoBigDeal #SeeYouTonightšŸŽµ

Bob & the Showgr ‏@theShowgram   On the set of Scotty McCreery's new music video for 'see you tonight' kalebs working on the set, thats him with...

Emilee ‏@emileedraper   Well today was cool
Retweeted by McCreerian Girl ♥

alexmwatkins Alex Watkins   Casually working a Scotty McCreery music video.  I love my major.

Scotty says video will be released soon.  @ScottyMcCreery: @EmilyyyMcCreery hopefully soon!  We’ll have some roughs as early as next week and soon after that we’ll release it

Zachary Hardy @iamzackhardy   Worked all day on the set of new music video!   Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Some serious fun today watching a stellar video being created right here in Raleigh ! Stay tuned!

Starring one of these pretty ladies.... Can u guess who?!


  1. I was just looking at a picture of the super moon that is that is going to be in the sky for this weekend..It's beautiful,...I hope they capture it on video for Scotty's new video..that would be something to see...I'm just thinking on that line because of the part in his song gotta get a little moon light kiss...just wishful thinking,but will have to wait,and see...Love the pictures from the video shoot.this is going to be real good.

  2. It is going to be So good. Love all the picture's from it. I was on fanbluff last night and Saw that it will be release next week Sometime. There is whole bunch of great stuff on there. I am So excited can't wait to see it the video. can't wait for Scotty to tell us about it after it is release.

  3. Awesome pictures and this video going to be Amazing !! Can't wait. Next week seems like FOREVER !!! GO SCOTTY!

  4. My favorite picture is the Seventh one. That is just a great picture of our Scotty. Cause the Colors are So Amazing that they make Scotty look so Amazing. it just Shines on Scotty and makes him so HandSome. That Long Sleeve shirt the color Green looks so good on him. but I still love the ones from the music video too. It is going to be AMAZING. We are so proud of you and Love you so much.


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