Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scotty McCreery's SYT made The New 103.7 list of Best Country Songs Of 2013

 Best Country Songs Of 2013 So Far

We’re officially halfway through 2013 (can you believe it?!) and this year is already giving us some of the hottest and biggest hits in country history.  For instance, Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”, while it was released in 2012, has made history in 2013 as the longest running #1 by a duo since 1951!

Plus, local favorites Parmalee are making their wave with their hit “Carolina”, very appropriately named if we do say so ourselves.

But what other songs from the best country singers made the list as the best of 2013?

 Scotty McCreery – “See You Tonight”


  1. Its funny Scotty song was song live and the others were not official video and he still sounds better

  2. Great to see you up there with all those big stars, right where you belonge. Congrats! ILYTB

  3. Does anyone know what he sang at the Opry last week? This video was from his last visit unless he said the same exact thing.Hope someone has videos rom last week.

  4. Hi Joyce, He sang Trouble With Girls and SYT. There is a YouTube video of it I saw somewhere. He did a great job. I am excited for the Duck Dynasty Christmas cd and think that is why Scotty is going to LA this weekend to record a song with them. Also, so excited for the duet. One of my choices for duet is Darius Rucker because they are both on UMG (I believe) and he is working with the same producer for his album. That may explain the SC trip because Darius lives in SC (my home state Go Gamecocks and producer, Frank Rogers, is from SC. Also Josh Turner lives in SC and on same label so maybe him. I would be over the moon if it were Darius or Josh, but I am a huge Darius fan since Hootie days and I went to USC and from SC. My niece is currently at USC. Lots of fun guessing. Any guesses form anyone else? So many great choices. Thrilled for our Scotty!

  5. Don't know who duet singer might be. It will be interesting to find out. "a big-time singer" and the song "has a bluegrass feel" Just don't know. This video of SYT at the Opry is my absolute favorite video he has ever done.

  6. Tory, thanks. I am from S.C.too ...charleston

  7. My guess would be Garth. He mentioned that he would hope to tour with him

    next year. It would be nice. Or else Dolly Parton or Tim.or Brad....

    Guessing game?

  8. Guessing game time! I've been to a Garth Brooks concert (of course many years ago) and he was fantastic! I've also been to a Scotty concert and of course it was my best concert ever. So Scotty and Garth would be sweet. I also have to say that Scotty and Tim McGraw were excellent together with their performance on Idol. Josh and Scotty are also fantastic together. Scotty will do great no matter who he performs with.

  9. I Am too So Thrilled for our Scotty for being in the Top Stars List of best Songs of 2013. and Singing a song to go on Duck Dynasty Christmas cd. he sure's does loves that show. and also So excited for the duet. Ya'll I know this Cd is going to be out of world incredible cause I can feel it. That would be fun and great if he's gets to tour with Garth!!!!!!
    if he gets to. cause we don't know who it will be?


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