Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scotty McCreery's Sophmore Album


From Windmills. .....A little info about a song Scotty McCreery has cut for his sophomore album.
The song is called 'The Dash,' and it's cowritten by Preston Brust (of the LoCash Cowboys, he cowrote Keith Urban's 'You Gonna Fly') & Kyle Jacobs (a.k.a. Kellie Pickler's husband, who also cowrote one of my favorite cuts, 'When The Credits Roll,' on the current George Strait album). The "dash" refers to the dash between the year of a person's birth and the year of a person's death, and the song is an emotional one about how it's what we do in the time represented by the dash that counts. I haven't heard the demo myself but I'm told it's a great fit for Scotty.


  1. OMG can't wait to hear his new album it sounds like its going to be Amazing!!!! We KNOW IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!!! I can see Scotty singing this song because it will be so serious I Loved Clear as Day song we didn't hear it much but I think it could have been a great single with a video. I heard a lot of people say that. He just can tell stories with his songs so good. Hey Ya'll you may have seen it Donna and them may put it on here but Taste of Country has got a little girl singing Scotty's song YOUR MAN how he sang it on idol and she's singing it its the cutest thing ever!!!!! She is a doll!!!! well everyone go vote on GAC for him KEITH< KENNY now is catching up. Anyways it just makes my day when I see his show sold out in 45 min. and are adding more Tours for him everyday as long as we get to see them on here until I get to see him myself, Please Scotty come to KENTUCKY!!!! Have a GOOd Day. Ya'll THANKS FOR POSTING HIS VIDEO's for us YOU don't know how thankful we are for whoever post all of this for us FAN'S of Scotty!!!! ILYTB SCOTTY

  2. Oh, Donna--so glad you posted this! I was excited when I read this on twitter yesterday. Can't wait for Scotty's next CD!!! Anyway, not sure if we are allowed to quote few lines from the poem "The Dash" by Linda Ellis. Anyway...can you imagine if Scotty will sing these lines: "When your eulogy is being read, with your life's actions to rehash...Would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?" Love you, Donna!

  3. Thanks Donna for all you do for the blog and mccreerians and I can't wait for the album and to hear the song!!!!!!!

    1. Sounds like "The Dash" will be great. We all know that Scotty is a great story teller. Remember when he sang The Letter Song and Where Were You (When The World Stopped)turning. I know I felt every word when he sang those songs.

      I will be seeing Scotty in his concert coming up July 17th at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. I am going with friends.

      Have a great day, Bob

  4. Hey Ya'll We just can't wait until OCTOBER,,CAN WE. We are so excited just like Scotty is getting to us. I know it is going to be the best CD coming from Scotty to us. Can't wait to hear this song. Yes bob he is a great story Teller. that's how come we Loved the songs he sung on Idol. cause we knew he would.
    It does Sounds like it is going to be great song.

  5. Thanks Donna for posting it on here for us to see. We do Appreciate you and the others for what ya'll do fou us. Love you All.


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