Monday, June 3, 2013

Scotty McCreery wore The King's glasses today for a photo shoot

Just had a photo shoot for an tribute book! Got to put on the King’s glasses and look thru the same lenses he did! Real cool!

Excited 4 my photo shoot Monday with 4 Shades of Elvis tribute book due out late 2013 by myself & Priscilla Presley

Great job 2day for the Elvis Tribue book Scotty looked great with Elvis's shades on


  1. Another wonderful experience for Scotty. Priscilla must have really liked him. But I am upset that his team didn't get him on to sing at CMA Fast. LA is singing at two different location during the week . What is up with that? I'd Todd Cassety still his manager? I don't think they even reviewed his SYT on TOC whereas they did LA 's. just wondering what is going on. He should be on the stage this week in Nashville._

  2. Hello Joyce Scotty will be singing at the GRAND OLE OPREY ON THE 8TH OF JUNE, and he will be presenting the 5th of june at the CMT award show, and he will be performing at his own FAN CLUB PARTY ON THE 9TH OF JUNE. and they gave Scotty a review of SYT on TOC when it first came out and it was good. We love U Scotty. Yes I do believe that Todd Cassidy is still his manager. ILUTB SCOTTY AND GOD BLESS U. GRANDMA FROM TX.

  3. Thanks for the info. I missed the review. He was adorable as always on Jay Leno tonight. He is such a precious person and I hope radio will get on board soon. Can 't wait for a video we can vote on on GAC.

  4. BTW who was the new guy playing with the band. I noticed hi before.

  5. Don't you look cool Scotty congrats your a great pick for this book. You did absolutely Amazing tonight on your song Love ,Love the sweater you wore black which everyone wanted you to do....HA!!!! Really love, love your new single!!!!!! Hey everyone go buy Scotty's new single!!!!! yay!!!!! ILYTB Scotty

  6. I did see the review of SYT but forgot. I went back and looked it up. Nice review considering it was Billy Dukes!

  7. he does look Awesome cool with those glasses of Elvis's. he is our handsome young Elvis. YES, he was the right one for the book. Can't wait to get the book to see the piture's of Scotty, Christopher & Priscilla they did awesome Job to pick Scotty to be part of this incredible Tribute to the king. I wish I had been part with ya'll of Scotty's Sweater deal. Sorry I miss it. but he sure did look incredible fabulous. ILYTB SCOTTY Love, Love your new song!!!!!


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