Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scotty McCreery will be filming the See You Tonight Video today

Just wanted everyone to know today is the day Scotty films SYT - he said in a recent interview the filming would take place in Raleigh - can't wait to see it!!

Links for quick videos via Instagram and Vine:


Behind the scenes at a Scotty McCreery music video filming. Just another day at work.

Music video shoot over. with some of the extras.

 lo_wesley Wesley Lo 4m
Three trucks are here so far for the shoot. I wonder how many more will come.
 Wesley Lo ‏@lo_wesley 9m
Trucks are pulling in for @ScottyMcCreery's music video shoot! Come to the Brickyard later today to check it out!

A lot of excitement for us today outside our office! @ScottyMcCreery will be filming part of his music video outside on the Brickyard today!

Andrew Enloe ‏@ahenloe 2h
Acting in the new Scotty McCreary video, and getting filmed by this beast! #awesome

Ashley McCreery
@ashleymccreery2 2m
On the set of Scotty's new music new video "See You Tonight" :) Filming with 🎥


  1. I can't wait to see it too I listen to it all day long and can't wait for the video!!!!! :-) ;-) :-D

  2. I can't wait to see it too I listen to it all day long and can't wait for the video!!!!! :-) ;-) :-D

  3. Donna, I found another video of Scotty singing GONE. Just listen to the crowd screaming his name. Next year, Scotty's going to need a much larger venue.

  4. I Can't wait to see it too. Gals!!! They played it on the radio last night and I got to hear it before I went to sleep. It was so awesome it made my night. It is going to be the best video out there cause our Sweet Scotty is going to be in it. I wonder if Gabe is going to be in it. After they make it and put it all into a video. That's when Scotty will let us know when.

  5. This is so EXCITING !! I can't wait !!!!!!! I have never heard Scotty on radio , I flip continuously , but no luck ! Does anyone know what happened to the Bowling Green concert in Kentucky ? It was on list for Nov . I was planning to go I'm so upset !!! Scotty please come Lexington, Louisville . Cincinnati.

  6. Omg you mean there was one for Bowling Green Ky. Omg where have I been didn't know that but I've had a lot going on so I guess that's why. Oh please let me know Kentucky girl I'm almost 2 hrs away not quite that much. Can't wait for the video I still haven't heard See ya Tonight on any of our radio stations just once when they had him voting with the guys to see who wins. WKTQ, The Beaver, WBKR or 97.7 none of them I have heard it on around here unless I missed it but I don't think so. Oh Well Scotty ready for that video I sure hope its all grown up one like you are now you know what I mean a really good one since you are older now. Got to be patient right? ILYTB


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