Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scotty McCreery & Dry County had some fun with the Duck Dynasty Family for Sadie's 16th Birthday Party

Olivia Remsberg ‏@olivia247 5h The Trio....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ScottyMcCreery #WillieRobertson #JohnLukeRobertson http://www.keek.com/!lkk1cab https://www.keek.com/!lkk1cab

Credit to:  Brigette Barnes

Chamberlyn Pruitt ‏@Chamberlyn21 1m

Olivia Remsberg ‏@olivia247 8m
Scotty McCreery😍

Found this photo posted on FanBuff
This boy made my birthday the best day of my life! So thankful that he came down for my party! 😊
 Tiffany Culp Hendry ‏@TiffanyCHendry 8m
Well hello Scotty McCreery you sweetheart you!! ���� #didagreatjob #HeSoSweet http://instagram.com/p/arvdZIv7b7/
Scotty McCreery and Friends at the lake with Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson (4th fr/R) and Friends  L to R Will Norris, Alec Hulmes, Colin Perry, Kyle Tobin, Scotty McCreery . . .  http://scottythebody.tumblr.com/
Scotty and his friends hanging at the lake with Sadie robertson(duck dynasty) and her friends

And shouts to n John Luke for joining me onstage for ConstantSorrow. Your beard tug like they do in the movie bad me rolling!

You were awesome tonight! The Trio was hilarious! What a fun night❤❤

Great time out at ’s bday party! Thanks for letting me come sing.. They really know how to have a good time down in west monroe


  1. This is so awesome, y'all!!! I hope this ends up on a future Duck Dynasty television show!! A lot more exposure for Scotty to Duck Dynasty fans who do not watch singing competition shows and don't necessarily listen to country music all that much!!! What fun for Scotty, his band and his friends from home too who are living like rock stars with Scotty!!!! Scotty looks so cute in that pic where he is all muddy, just precious!! Oh, to be young again!!

    1. This is so,so awesome It is. I hope it does to end up on a Duck Dynasty Episode. this would be good for Scotty.that way Scotty would get more fans. Scotty's band and his friends from home had a blast being there. the picture's are Awesome. our Scotty had fun, two days he will never forget.


  2. The top video sound isn't working on my computer ,I don't know if anyone else is havingtruble..The song the three of them were singing was man of constant sorrow..Iseen ot posted on face book,and it's so cute and funny.

  3. I uploaded my very 1st video to youtube and was from Scotty's concert that I went to at Six Flags TX. This one was from my phone when the batteries in my camera died. The sound is pretty good...way better than from my camera but I was able to get really close with the camera. I'll try to upload the video from the camera as soon as I can figure out how to separate it into shorter videos instead of the hour that I have. The sound on it unfortunately has a lot of static but you can see Scotty and Dry County really well so I'll try to post it anyway.

    I've also started to post photos on Twitter but if you girls would like I would be more than happy to email you a big file with all the pics to share with everyone. When I say big I mean it. There may be 100 pics..who knows :)
    Youtbe address is. .. TheMsAngelaS
    Twitter: @sabogls

  4. Do you have the links to the first two videos? (:


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