Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scotty McCreery at Country Stampede

Shelby Cosman 
is absolutely adorable!!! 😍
Scotty McCreery - Country Stampede Backstage Fan Experience Presented by Cox
Credit to: CoxCommTv Jessica Marie Coombs ‏@Jessi_C13 2m
Scotty McCreery!! Day 3 of #CountryStampede #Stampede2013



  1. OMG He is so sexy, so cute, just an adorable HUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He is so cute and I just love his answers to the questions and that one about having a girlfriend he is so darn cute he answers that question the same every time. Its his business and I think its all good as he says. Yes Kentucky girl I am a Kentucky girl but I'm one of those oldies but as they say your as young as you feel and I Love Scotty and I would have loved to had been there it looked like he nailed it again, not a bit surprised he is just awesome. ILYTB Scotty..............

  3. OMG!!!! He is Starting to be Adorable HUNK!!!!! and So darn cute too. I love his Answers to the question the same ole every time. and we know who it is don't we.
    He nails it every time he Perform's, I'm not little bit Surprised cause he is so darn awesome. I can't wait until October to get here so we can get his Sophomore CD. I'm looking forward to it so much. ILYTB SCOTTY.


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