Saturday, June 1, 2013

Local Musician Opens for Scotty McCreery

Credit to: KRCR7 Credit for video to: khsltv

A recent Chico State grad has a summer job that most people only can dream about.
Chad Bushnell is kicking off his country music career by opening for an American Idol winner at a show right here in the North State.  For Bushnell, performing has always been in his blood. 

"I've been singing since I was five. My dad played in a country band and my great grandma plays the piano with her church. I started getting into it, liked it, and started singing national anthems," said Bushnell. 

The 22 year-old Red Bluff native is opening for Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery at the Redding Civic Auditorium this weekend--a dream come true for the aspiring country star and his band.  

“I really admire him. I thought it was cool. He's kind of a sort of clean cut, young guy, and I was glad to hear that big strong country voice," said Bushnell.  

"Playing for that many people, like really high caliber--there's going to be a lot of people there. All that factoring in, it's going to be a good show," promised Bushnell’s bandmate Willis Farnsworth.

The mix of original songs and covers the group will be playing at the concert will sound more old country than modern--thanks to the artists Bushnell grew up listening to.

"Merle Haggard's a huge influence. I've listened to him since I was little. Vince Gill, Dwight Yaokam, they're all big influences," he said.  

With his bandmates and community behind him, Bushnell attributes his success so far to be a group effort. 

"A lot of local businesses have been very supportive, and of course all the people coming to my shows. I've got to play a lot of things in Red Bluff, a lot of fundraisers, and they've just been real nice to me. It's great to have a small community that's very supportive,” he said.

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