Friday, May 3, 2013

Tweets from VA

visiting at the VA apple blossom festival!
Visiting ! What a great place! McCreerians give them a follow! And go buy their applesauce!
GrandMarshal of AppleBlossomFestival just arrived at WhiteHouse Foods in Winchester VA-the famous applesauce co!


  1. A place to go vote for's a radio station...You'll scroll down on the right and it will say six pack at there as many times as you like ,...he's ahead it will be played tonight i'm guessing at six.
    6pack at six vote on right side.

  2. Cody alan top 5. Is such a joke .im voting for an hour now and it only goes up 1 vote as if everyone yesterday stopped voting .lol kelly is uo 12.000 votes . Omg so rigged . Long as he is in top 5 at least he gets played.


  3. He was No i on the Pittsburg station,6pack at six..Someone posted on Facebook the DJ really liked the song..It still posted so I don't know if it will change tomorrowI voted again,and it said thanks for your vote,so as long as it's posted I'll keep on voting

  4. GREAT PICTURE'S!!! the first one where he is giving thumbs up to his shirt, you are welcome so much to our Sweet Scotty. that is so cute the one he is holding the dog with his mom and dad. and we love that smile of him looking at the dog.


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