Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See You Tonight on Billboard Country & Country Aircheck

 CREDIT TO: Windmills from MJSBIGBLOG for the following information

windmills a day ago
Reporting in from Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck:
Scotty's See You Tonight had a strong week gaining 658k and moving up 6 spots to #44, passing Phil Vassar, Chris Janson, Jon Pardi, Lennon & Maisy, Tate Stevens, and Eric Paslay while Keith Urban debuted ahead. With another week like this one, SYT will likely make Billboard t40 in its 6th week on the chart. For comparison's sake it took Water Tower Town 15 weeks to limp into the t40. It's key for SYT to waste as few weeks as possible making t40, so making it in 6 weeks would be a good start.

As far as how likely it is SYT will make t40, 3 Billboard recurrents this week (there will definitely be 2, and looking at Miranda's drop rate there will likely be 3) means he really only has to pass 1 song in front of him to make t40. Candidates for SYT to pass include Pistol Annies's Hush Hush (116k ahead but SYT outgained it by 334k this week), Drake White's Simple Life (164k ahead but SYT outgained it by 115k this week), and Parmalee's Carolina (568k ahead but SYT outgained it by 722k). Pistol Annies may pick up a little this week now that Miranda's single is headed to recurrency but this morning's update favored Scotty relative to the Annies, Drake White, and Parmalee. Looking at threats from behind Chris Young's Aw Naw actually gained 50k less than SYT last week and trails by 214k. But this morning's MB update points to Aw Naw picking up the pace this week and I do expect Aw Naw to pass either this week or next week. Also likely to pass in a couple weeks if not this week is Florida-Georgia Line's new single Round Here. My guess is Chris Young will pass Scotty this week but Scotty will pass 2 songs in front of him and end the week at #40. But he could go as high #38. Scotty is #10 on Billboard's most added this week with 8 more adds.

At MB/Aircheck, SYT debuted at #50 with 1019 points (+282 points). SYT trails Joe Nichols's Sunny And 75 by 35 points but Joe's song actually outgained and passed SYT on its way onto the chart and also had a better update this morning. Chris Young's song started out the week 128 points ahead and has likely extended that lead too. Eric Paslay and Lennon & Maisy are within reach though: Eric's Friday Night is 257 points ahead and SYT outgained it by 178 points last week, and Lennon & Maisy are 271 points ahead with SYT outgaining them by 92 points last week. Scotty will end the week somewhere between #46 and #49 (depending on whether Florida-Georgia Line really surges).


  1. Go Vote everyone for Scotty Greatest contestant of all time and Best American Idol of all time between Scotty and David Archuleta at Go vote everyone its getting down to the end!!!!

  2. Please vote at Chart Central Phillipines. Scotty went from 3rd to 6th. Thanks. vote every hour.

  3. I'm so happpy about this. we are getting him that #1 song. All we need is keeping on doing it.


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