Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Scotty McCreery is proud to be from Garner

 stephanie shaffer ‏@stephiemoo8
Always great to see you in the parks! @ScottyMcCreery

Town of Garner, NC ‏@TownofGarner
Workin' on our #AllAmericaCity video with @ScottyMcCreery

stephanie shaffer stephanie shaffer ‏@stephiemoo8 Thanks for taking good care of Garner! @ScottyMcCreery @JudyMacGarner


  1. These are such good pictures. Scotty looks so much like his Mom. Good pic of them two. Hey ya'll go vote for Scotty he is with Adam Lambert they are the only two left so we got to all vote so Scotty will win this one. We can do it ya'll. VOTE FOR SCOTTY WE CAN GET HIM THE WIN OVER ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYTB Scotty

  2. Yes we can MAMA G. I have voted numerous times I will go back before I go to bed. Thanks Mama G. we love Scotty, we Mccreerians. GRANDMA FORM TX.

  3. These picture's are great. Yes MamaG he does look Alot like his Mom. Yes we got to vote so he would win instead og Adam. We definitely Love our Scotty A whole much. just like Scotty said We Rock So We got to keep that a promise to him.


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