Friday, May 3, 2013

Scotty McCreery calls Chris & Rosie

On the Chris & Rosie Celebrity Hotline this morning, it's Scotty McCreery!
We talk about college, his latest appearance on Idol, and of course being Grand Marshall at this year's APPLE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL!


  1. Good interview...The man said it's a big thing the festival over half a million people attend,I hope they all get his new single,hat will get hi up on the chart..

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  3. .''

    the man told him to make sure he wears the colors green, or pink for t or he would be out of place,the colors everyone wears for the festival.Good going Scotty ,the pictures tweeted from the event are really cute,so much better if you enlarge them.

  4. Great Interview....I was glad that he wore Green. cause he does look so incredible handsome in it. Good Scotty.


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