Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RAW: Scotty McCreery talks new album and gives advice to new Idol

Credit to: WATCHFOX

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  1. Great interview he is just so humble and so honest and he just can draw everyone to him. Just one Amazing young man. Well This is MamaG and I am very disappointed I did not get to go to my concert Donna at the Elizabeth Indiana concert. My brother had surgery and he ended up in ICU so that was the most important for me to do is be with him so my son and his wife went and They absolutely loved it and had the best time. He took some videos of Scotty and pics they are so good I told him I wanted him to put them on my computer. He said they should have had it for a little bit younger ages too because he said he thought there would have been more there but also this place is so in the boonnies he said I would have probably thought I was lost, which I do this often get lost HA!!!! The only thing my son was singing so loud he drowned Scotty out because he knows all the songs. They really loved it and when they do the Johnny cash, Travis Tritt, Elvis and all those songs he said it was soooo Amazing!!!!! I was disappointed but God knew I had to be with my brother he almost passed away but God took care of him and his back in a regular room so as Scotty says its all GOOD. I told my son my day will come when I get to see him. I could have told Judy who I was and stuff they didn't talk to any of them. I said you should have went up to them. He said he loved the concert. But anyways hope everyone has a had a good week. ILYTB SCOTTY


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