Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Looks like Scotty McCreery & friends have a lot of fun on tour

These videos were taken a couple weeks ago when Ashley, Gabi & Trent went along with Scotty on the tour - 

Ashley McCreery: "PA Bound:)"

Gabi Dugal: "My #firstpost on Vine" (featuring Scotty)

Scotty McCreery: "My #firstpost on Vine"

Scotty McCreery: "traffic"


  1. So glad Gabi got to go with them this time they all look like they are having so much fun. I know Scotty is because they make the cutest couple and so does Ashley and Trent. Have Fun you guys. ILYTB


  2. They were on there way to Lancaster Pa ,...The concert was fantasticHe rocked that stage..

  3. They look so good having so much fun on the bus tour. That's the way you do it SCOTTY, GABI, ASHLEY, AND TRENT. God bless all of you on this part of your roadtrip, I pray that God will give you all traveling grace. let the angels of mercy and grace be with you all. GRANDMA IN TX.


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