Friday, May 17, 2013

American Idol contestants give advice to the top 2

EDIT: I found more videos from the FINALE night so I'm just adding them to this post-instead of creating a new one! - Donna
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  1. If you type in American live 5/16/13 ,there is a lot more idol 2013 red carpet to the video.The lady asks him about his love life,and he gave a thumbs up saying it's good,and it's rock solid...Also please request Scotty on 92.5 they are stating to play his song without being on heartland..They alerted me by e-mail this morning that he would be played at 8.25a.m .He's on the list scrll down and give a thumbs up ,if enough fans keep on requesting the,ll keep playing,and this will give him exposure,and more will buy his single.Don't forget to fill out form for them to alert you,and they'll give you the yime it will be played.Also request out of nashville Wsix.


  2. Donna has the link posted below on the article ...Scotty st idol's just below the picture..I just type in on my bing Web search..92.5 country hartford Conn,and it comes up..It was so mic that I didn't have to type his name in,and they notified me on E-mail..If people keep requesting it they will increase the airplay..Hopefully..I also heard him on Wsix he beat out a lot of the big guys in the heartland vote to get played.Keep requesting him on that one also.You have to type that one in ,country country.I almost fell out of my chair when I heard it the first time on my car radio,it was awesome.

  3. It was great the Red CARPET and seeing Scotty. that is so awesome that he beat the big guys on Wsix on the Heartland.


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