Thursday, May 16, 2013

A couple places that you can vote for Scotty McCreery

 Mix 106.1 - Who is the greatest AI contestant of all times?  Scotty is up against Phillip Phillips

Kick It or Pick It tells us which songs you want to hear most on The New 103.7!

Two radio stations WSIX out of Nashville,and 92.5 hartford can vote for Scotty to be played everyday.He's on the list on the right hand side it's called country control.They do play it,they have heart land votes to pick who should be played for the top 3,or six.Scotty has been winning and it's good to here it on the radio.It's the request list ,and in case his name isn't there just time it in the blue area as you scroll down.


  1. The good thing about the two radio stations mentioned above you can tell them to notify you,they let you know whrn it's time to vote on 92.5,and Wsix emailed me that Scotty would be played at 12,30 today..I missed it because I was out,but they notify me by e-mail...Request,request ,request it helps

  2. I hit the play more so they would play him more here at Wsix. and I told them to text me on my cell phone when they play him. I had went there tonight and Request it and blair garner played it. it was so Awesome to hear that awesome voice that we dearly love on the Radio.


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