Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video of Scotty McCreery on the Grand Ole Opry 4-13-13

Credit to: Sivle Clark


  1. What a man , to come out with KU song . Such a kind person you are Scotty Mccreery !!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah i know right? Scotty kills em with kindness Keith should feel like an idiot .all the songs Scotty could of picked he picks that one . After the judge feasco on idol . Im still fired up.

    2. I know, I was heartbroken at the lack of enthusiasm after his wonderful AI performance. He is one of the most remarkable winners of that show and they kind of swept him off the stage. He'll show 'em though. I agree, he'll kill them with kindness. Well said.

  2. This performance is absolutely awesome to me more so than usual. It's inexplicable. Think Scotty is getting ready to launch a soaring that cannot be matched! ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Our Scotty really loves performing at the Opry. I went to a Garth Brooks concert many years ago which was great but never wanted to go to any other concert. And then Scotty came along and I did go to his concert in Niagara Falls which was fantastic. He is the best! And he looks so handsome in black and white clothing. Of course he looks good in anything. This is a very great performance (of course I never saw him perform a bad one). He just has such a wonderful stage presence. Thank God he auditioned and won American Idol which brought him to us. I am so happy that he has launched such a wonderful career and that he is doing so much on his own after touring with Brad Paisley.

  4. This sweet precious young man is most certainly going to become the next Elvis of the 21st century. He is over the top amazing.

    1. Hear! Hear! I agree 100%! He is the next Elvis! Wow,he is sooo good!

  5. This sweet precious young man is most certainly going to become the next Elvis of the 21st century. He is over the top amazing.

  6. This sweet precious young man is most certainly going to become the next Elvis of the 21st century. He is over the top amazing.


  7. Now all he needs is to get a video out there,I think it would help promote sales..Man a back T-shirt,and Jacket sure would look great

    He is against Hunter Hayes and only 8 hrs left to vote for Who should be the next new music Monday Spotlight. Someone said just 1 vote per 24 hours. I voted once and will try again. Scotty at 32%(only shows the one you voted for).
    It is to the right of the main article about another upcoming artist named Tyler Barham.

    Thanks so much!!

  9. !!!! PLEASE VOTE - 1 VOTE PER HOUR!!!

    Chart for Central Philippines Scotty - SYT

  10. One Amazing performance. He looks so good tonight and he has been working all day long for Nashville and like his other song says "you make that look Good" well he really does. His performance was out of this world tonight jus Amazing. You Go Get Em Scotty. He just has such stage presence just one in a million to me. ILYTB

    1. I agree with you that was the best performance that he has done on opry. He really does love the Opry cause that show's how mch he does. and looks so fabulous and So darn cute. he does have that stage presence especially when he is on the Opry. one in a million that is what he is. and he introduced those kids from that Duck Dynasty show was incredible. you did so Amazing and made us proud. Go get them Scotty.

  11. TODAY Per Dusty

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  12. I and my husband both said Scotty would be as popular as Elvis some day ,way back before he won idol. We haven't changed our minds one bit. janfan


  13. I just read the chart above by Tory,and it's all greek to me.What does all that mean that they aren't go to play his song until you sell so many copies. i really don't know how they operate,especially since there saying the release date isn't until May.How can people buy something unless they hear it on the radio or somewhere.elseI thought everything was going good on the charts.whenCan you buy it in the store,or don't they sell singles.Gee I hope it goes good for him,i'm still upset with the radio stations for not giving him radio play,they made it so hard for him,They wanted to slow him down,it like starting from scratch.He's been working so hard I hope they give him a break with this new song.

  14. I never have understood that because they are playing all these other new Artist songs on radio. All of them are on there why do they do that to Scotty anyways. I still can't believe he is not playing at the CMA festival this year as much people that gets on a plane to fly to Nashville just to see him. Yeah I know his having the Meet and Greet but I thought sure he would be performing as much as his made for the Nashville scene this year, and his donations and everything does that not count either. He is one special young man and his working himself to death. I just don't understand it, I don't guess!!!!! He is just doing so much all the time and it seems like no one appreciates everything he is doing but we know HE IS THE BEST ARTIST out there right now. I just love him and I want everyone else too!!!!!! ILYTB SCOTTY

    1. He could still play the CMA Fest. If I'm not mistaken I don't think they've announced the entire list yet. Hope he gets announced soon! I mean he WILL be in Nashville that wkend!

  15. Scotty has won the spotlight poll by 100% on reflections

  16. Scotty is too funny. Just watching Headline Country with footage from ACM Red Carpet and there is a local bakery who provides cupcakes for the stars. When Scotty was asked about them, he commented, "I'm a cupcake man. I love them". Scotty you just love sweets. Everything is your favorite. Just too darn cute you are!

  17. Just meant to add, How can anyone not love Scotty. He is the best! One of a kind. Scotty hope you enjoyed your day with family and Gabi watching the Masters Golf Tournament. Exciting finish.

  18. What address do I go to to see how many spins (300 you said so far) on the radio #50 ?? Would like to watch and keep checking to see when it goes up. Thanks if you can help, Tory. janfan

  19. Ive been requesting see you tonight on the media stations everyday there is a list on fanbuff of some stations. Street team you have to be logged jn.

  20. I was over at youtube tonight and saw this video of our Scotty. it is a interview of our Sweet boy and it is from American Idol from last week when he was on. This is how to go to it. Scotty McCreery Interview-New Song "See you Tonight" or ya'll should see it cause it is great. the girl that interviewing him ask him was there anybody he wrote the song about and he say's nothing but gives a hint. but we all know who that girl right. it is cute. enjoy it. when I saw it I had to come over and tell Ya,ll.

  21. Anyone know sales last week for SYT yet? please post when you find out. thx

  22. I hope radio plays Scotty .country radio is so difficult. People talk about Hunter how he had to struggle i dont beleive that at all i read his father was in the buisness he had alot of help politics. Hunter got big quick because he crossed over just like Taylor the sales count radio play counts doesnt matter where the radio play comes from thats why Hunter went number one so fast . It used to be seperate but not anymore . Is Scotty crossed over i would be fine with it anything to wake country radio up.

    1. I saw Hunter's bio last week aired on GAC. Hunter went back to his very small town in Louisiana. He is from a more humble, but very loving background. His dad was/is a boat mechanic. He is not in the business at all. His mom also worked full time. I believe it was his Aunt who bought him a little inexpensive accordian when Hunter was 3 yrs old and Hunter figured out how to play songs on it and started makingup songs. A local small restaurant has a Cajun band (they all know each other)play and they invited Hunter up to play his little accordian and were blown away so every week people would want to know if Hunter was going to play a few songs with them. This grew and grew so his parents would work all week and start taking Hunter to different shows on weekends. Hank Williams Jr. heard of him and had him play at an outdoor concert and then bought him a guitar that was more his size at 6 years old. Hunter still has it.

      It is a lovely story with many in the community backing him. The surrounding neighbors helped him and would watch after Hunter. Hunter learned how to play the instruments and then started writing songs. I encourage everyone to see it on GAC. It is a nice story about him following his dreams and his parents doing everything they could including taking off work and financially being strapped, but Hunter never knew it. If more parents could be like his and Scotty's parents this world would be a mcuh better place.

    2. Nice story. Nice young man, very talented. I do like him and I also like his album. Scotty has him beat on VOCAL QUALITY though. Nothing against Hunter, just sayin'. God bless both of these young men.

    3. Im sure Hunter is very nice but i dont care for his music.

  23. On Taste of Country showdown poll up for Scotty an Carrie. Vote once every hour. Everybody get busy.

  24. Carrie is getting close to Scotty go vote everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. attention . requesting Scotty on mediabase is how we get him added to stations request also get radio play to get to number one ...i found this website that has all the list of major radio comp all over the Usa . google or search [mediabase request forms for fan use major market reporting stations] .[ loving lyrics web site]. there are a whole lot on there . you can see a list see you tonight might be listed click on the box you only need your first name and fill out the security numbers at bottom submit it should say thanks for your request if not the botton numbers are not right . if see you tonight is not on the list write it in and name you dont have to fill all that other stuff .you can only request once a day .please Donna post this somewhere easy so we can request . i know its alot but its for Scotty to get a number one way more important then voting on the other stuff unless its for radio to play it .

  26. please post to vote for Scotty against Carrie Taste of Country Showdown on their new songs. Scotty barely had the lead. please vote!!janfan

  27. BECKY :

    That was encouraging. I really wanted him to be included in CMA festival for exposure. He scheduled his fan day around that time and he didnt have any concert then. So maybe Todd Cassettya is still negotiating with CMA organizers. I dont know what to think.....just hopin and prayin.


  28. I found media base stations ,but i had no idea what area they were from,and you had to check them one by one,I gave up.On the few I checked Scotty wasn't on any of them.I added his name to one,and they gave here polite Thank you. I see K.Carkson was already added to some of the pop stations,and she's at no58 or something like that ,and Scotty is No 42.So I really don't see how they put them on the play list.Of course the same one's with there five songs or more,I,I really don't understand any of it.I think it boils down to add ,and who they want to play.

    1. Thats the point i do 20 a day they are request lines to add and to play .requesting is part of the process to get radio play .doesnt matter where they are from i request my local ones and i go threw the list and do 20 more. Its better then voting on stupid polls on Toc where doesnt help him at all. I vote on radio stations polls to play him .if i have time i might vote on crap like TOC.


    Scotty won the Spotlight contest. They have a nice article about him. Go Scotty!

  30. A high school paper in MI review if SYT. I love that more and more of his peers like SYT and get it!

  31. Does anyone know if we buy from Amazon does it count the same as itunes?


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