Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tweets from Scotty McCreery's day in Nashville

 Credit to: hunter_dawn 14
Sa 7m
Such a great guy! So glad we got to meetπŸ˜„☺
Credit to: Amber Brian AmberVBrian Scotty McCreery singing George Strait! mattbrum
trublu24 Andrew Maraniss 8h American Idol @ScottyMcCreery donated $18K 2 @NashvilleRBI youth baseball this a.m. b4 singing at @opry 2nite.


  1. Thanks for great pictures. Can't wait for videos of his Opry performance tonight. As usual, he sounded out of this world! Fantastic! Fabulous! Girls all screaming! Scotty's just all around Great!! Just found tonight a collection of videos on YouTube, and at the top it says "Scotty AKA Scotty the Ladies Man" I hadn't seen that before.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. Can't wait for video's from the Opry performance tonight cause I miss it why I missed it cause I went to Stores,and forgot about it. when I got home I realize I had miss it. I wanted to hear it cause I wanted to hear Scotty I was mad but then I realize that Donna would put it on here. for all of us to see. can't wait to hear girls screaming cause it makes me happy to hear them.

  3. He is such a SWEETHEART! ! We adore him and I can't believe the schedule he had yesterday especially after what he did all week. He is amazing!!


    Here's the link to Scotty at the Opry!! Incredible performance and they of course had him miked beautifully!!! Scotty + Opry = PURE PERFECTION!! Oh my goodness. I am so thrilled to see him next Friday 4/19 in Wallingford, CT. We are all counting the days until we see him!!


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