Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scotty McCreery’s ‘See You Tonight’ Set To Be His First Top 10 Hit? - Review

Scotty McCreery is known for his catchy feel-good love songs, and this song is certainly no exception. ‘See You Tonight’ is his first non-Holiday single since ‘Water Tower Town’ last year, and it’s been long overdue. The direction they appear to be going in with this is one that takes influence from Luke Bryan, and seeing as Scotty is still lacking a top 10 country hit under his belt, I can’t blame them for wanting to follow in the footsteps of the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year.

‘See You Tonight’ is more country pop than Scotty’s previous releases, but his trademark deep country drawl is still evident, gliding over the top of mandolins and guitars that are held together by a solid drum beat. This song screams summer, and that’s clearly what they’re aiming for, even including a little mandolin instrumental at the end, punctuated by gentle guitar licks and a tinkering of piano. It’s built from simple chords, sweet-sounding verses, and rockier elements to pack the chorus with a punch.

Lyrically it’s a love song, that beginning-of-relationship type that is so popular in country, highlighting all the possibilities for the future. It’s fairly youth-orientated in its approach, and will appeal to Scotty’s fanbase of teenage girls, and just about manages to escape the feeling of generic that often haunts this type of song. I’m not sure if it’ll reach number one; that accolade tends to be shared around the biggest artists, and a few novelty smash hits. However, what I am sure of is that this song will put Scotty back on the map for a lot of people. I’m hoping for a more regular output of singles that’ll see Scotty rise up the radar, and with the right promotion among its target audience, ‘See You Tonight’ should reach the top 10. It certainly follows musical trends in country, reaches the youth market, and is catchy, sweet and summery enough to have a good few months.

I’m hoping that his new album will have more traditional sounds on there as well, but ‘See You Tonight’ is a great way to kick things off and I wish Scotty the best of luck.


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