Friday, April 19, 2013

Scotty McCreery vs. Tate Stevens – The Showdown

Scotty McCreery, Tate Stevens
Mike Moore / Rick Diamond, Getty Images
The new single from Pistol Annies was no match for Scotty McCreery‘s ‘See You Tonight.’ The ‘American Idol‘ winner’s latest song thumped ‘Hush Hush’ this week, taking almost 85 percent of the Showdown vote in the two-day battle of new songs. Today, McCreery’s competition will be another popular country singer from reality television. 
Tate Stevens is preparing to release his debut album next Tuesday, and his first single, ‘Power of a Love Song,’ is already a hit with fans. The big ballad shows the Missouri native’s range and emotional reach, but he’ll need as many ‘X Factor‘ voters as he can find to slow down McCreery.
Listen to clips of both McCreery and Stevens’ songs and vote for your favorite here. You can vote once every hour until this Showdown ends on Monday at 8AM ET, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. The winner of this matchup will face a new challenger on Monday.

Click on the link below to vote 


  1. make sure to vote everyone,Tate is only a point or two behind

  2. Hey everyone Scotty is way behind on Country Whuppin on WKDQ 99.5 radio. He only has 38.95 and J.B. and the Moonshine Band has 61.05 everyone please go vote that's one of the stations around my town I listen too. PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!

  3. I've been voting for Scotty. I listened to Tate's song and though ok, I don't think there is any comparison as to who has the best voice...Scotty hands down!

    1. Ditto and ditto!!!! POALS does not hold a candle to Scotty's song, not to mention Scotty's VOICE which is far superior IMO!!

  4. I have been voting for Scotty on everything. Tate's song is pretty good but Scotty's is the best! We won two rounds so lets make it three! We have been with Scotty since American Idol and will stand by him forever!


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