Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scotty McCreery Performs ‘See You Tonight’ on ‘American Idol’

By Sterling Whitaker April 11, 2013 8:55 PM
Scotty McCreery
Jason Kempin, Getty Images
American Idol‘ season 10 champion Scotty McCreery returned to the ‘Idol’ stage on Thursday night (April 11) to perform his new single ‘See You Tonight,’ introducing fans to a little bit of a new sound.
McCreery shot to fame after winning the show; his debut album ‘Clear as Day’ has been certified Platinum. ‘See You Tonight’ is the first single from a forthcoming second studio project that marks McCreery’s debut as a songwriter, and that’s part of what makes it work. The song seems more from his own perspective than simply another track from the Nashville mass market song factory, making it more unique than some of his past efforts.

Dressed in a simple black t-shirt and black jeans, McCreery delivered the song with his trademark aw-shucks confidence. Framed by jaunty acoustic guitar chords, an insistent beat and a bright guitar solo, ‘See You Tonight’ is exactly the kind of track that McCreery should be doing t this stage of his career, and he made the most of the opportunity to launch it in a big way Thursday night.


  1. Great to be a part of @NashvilleRBI Opening Day with @OzzieTheMascot and @ScottyMcCreery today!

    Scotty donated $18,000 to the Little League. I thought maybe $5,000, but $18k WOW - I just adore him. What a sweet heart. Here's a picture

    NashvilleRBI ‏@NashvilleRBI
    Big thank you to @ScottyMcCreery for coming out to opening day and making an $18,000 contribution to Nashville RBI!

    American Idol @ScottyMcCreery donated $18K 2 @NashvilleRBI youth baseball this a.m. b4 singing at @opry 2nite.

    American Idol @ScottyMcCreery donated $18K 2 @NashvilleRBI youth baseball this a.m. b4 singing at @opry 2nite.

    I can't believe he did all he did this week then opened little league, then recorded a song, then sang many songes at GradBash, then is at the Opry at 7:oo central time. Wow He is one busy and unbelievable person. I just love being a McCreerian supporting such a WONDERFUL and talented person. ILYTB Scotty!

  2. Jennette Camplin ‏@JC2Gizmo 14m @ScottyMcCreery 's Dry County sound check... Today in Nashville at the GradBash

    "@98WSIX: Hey Everybody!!! Are you ready for @ScottyMcCreery??!! FREE concert at 4p! #GradBash98"
    Scotty McCreery at Opry Mills.... Ummm yeah!

    Scotty McCreery rocking our Grad Bash!!! @ Dave & Buster's

    Scotty McCreery singing George Strait!

    He sang SYT, WOW.

    2 covers
    Check yes or no

    Here's a video of Scotty playing the GradBash

    Miranda Baggott ‏@The1andOnlyMJ 27m
    Wish kid Beth with @ScottyMcCreery thank you for helping with her wish announcement today! #makeawishmiddletn

    Kendall Winters ‏@kendall_winters 7m
    I technically kissed Scotty McCreery today. My lips touched the microphone that he had his lips on. #TransitiveProperty

    Jennette Camplin ‏@JC2Gizmo 14m … #SeeYouTonight @ScottyMcCreery

    Boy, Scotty sure is spreading a lot of love and sunshine around today with that beautiful smile and good heart of his!!
    Proud McCreerian!!

  3. I went to idol forums and OMG those pictures with the kids are priceless!!!! They are the sweetest things ever. He is just a sweetheart. Giving back to these kids are the heart and soul of this young man. He is just one in a million and just today he has given himself all day long and it is just something we love about him showing love all over Nashville. Proud of you Scotty. Is it silly to want to cry its just so touching. ILYTB SCOTTY


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