Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scotty McCreery: Next Duck Dynasty Cast Member

(Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Radio)
(Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Radio)

Scotty McCreery is getting ready to go back to the show that made him a household name. Watch for him to perform next week on American Idol. It’ll be a quiet night tonight for him at the ACMs after being nervous as a nominee last year.

Scotty has nothing but praise for the job Keith Urban is doing as a judge. “He gives solid critique. I would have liked to have had him my season.” Scotty isn’t so sure if it’s a chair he’d like to sit in though. He says being a judge himself is something he’d have to think about. Scotty says he tries to catch the show, but the 8pm time slot makes it tough given that he’s busy working on a new album while going to college.

Last month, Scotty packed ‘em in at The Florida Strawberry Festival. “That was quite the day for us,” Scotty told Dave McKay. Scotty did a video blog about his day at the festival and his visit to Universal Studios.

When Scotty drew a card from Dave & Veronica’s deck of questions, he was stumped on whether he would join the cast of The Kardashians or Jersey Shore. If he had to pick, Scotty says he’d rather have a part on Duck Dynasty.

 Click on the link below to listen to both the interviews they did with Scotty


  1. Cute interview . Lol to his answer to the question. Great !

  2. Country cuties 2013 scotty needs vitrs very close.


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